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About us

Our goal is to continue this improvement as the South African mobile market leaps to new staggering heights.


Plus SA (Pty) Ltd has been in business since 2012 and we’re in it for longer. Besides loving what we do, our greatest happiness is derived from the smile of a happy client. We are not a Black empowerment company but a competitive & successful Black owned company. This comes from our unshaken belief that, it has never been about the color of your skin but the aggregate accumulation of knowledge, equal access to means of production and information.

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Increase your sales and business potential with Sms marketing! In todays world everyone uses and reads sms’s. Effective Communication is vital for the existence of your business. You require a communication solution that is stable and GUARANTEED to reach your audience. Bulk SMS Services for customers who only want to send a “once off” or “every now and then” message to a number of Cellular Phone Users. Theres Something for Everyone!

To grow our market share by providing best service to our customers through support and uncompromised “ubuntu” values!!.

To revolutionize the way schools and SMMEs communicate with stakeholders, by cutting cost, time and enhancing quality of life through technology!!